11.08.19 The Dyson farm was next on the list. It’s a place full of memories for me: Making huts down by the stream and getting swung around in the digger. Camping out in the cow shed and dancing in a feild on top of a hill. A rogue possum in the chook house and being... Continue Reading →

Seeing Sam

14.08.18 I weaseled my way into the hostel and woke Sam by stroking his toe... what a way to be reunified! We spent the day walking around eating super market food, sitting in cathedrals, swimming next to a castle and getting lost in the streets taking pictures of the simple life. There was also an... Continue Reading →

Lil bit vegan

10.08.19 We found ourselves caught up in Cath and Paul’s new world. The one they’d spoken of for so long. They’d ended up finding it with their horses and rescue dogs in Keri Keri far from the big city life. We spent an evening with this little chosen family of ours eating their masterpiece called... Continue Reading →

Details in Day

12.08.18 After sitting still for what felt like way too long, we went south for lunch. I swam off the pier as the storm rolled itself in. Washing myself of different thoughts between the fish and boats I felt the seas confused temperatures change against my skin. Still wet, I hopped a train to Palermo... Continue Reading →

Wandering Solo

07.08.18 An early hour of the morning. I had just taken a night bus from Apulia to Sicily not sleeping the whole time. I did this because I was scared to miss my stop having had booked a ticket for the ferry, not understanding that the bus goes on the ferry. So I ended up... Continue Reading →

The scan of Italia continues

28.07.18 Anna‘s birthday. Bata took us on a tour of the Pitti palace. It was so funny hearing an 11 year olds perspective on ornate plates, saying they would be good frisbees. Poor thing was sweating and puffing so much so he took us too his dad’s place, who reluctantly made pasta for his surprise... Continue Reading →

Venezia volumes

23.07.18 Bologna for a Beat. The sky burned as we chowed down pumpkin ravioli. We learnt that a table cloth meant fancy big bucks and tipping so we didn’t treat ourselves to one for a while after that. Then we found Rache, in the dark, on her Island. 24.07.18 *there’s sound* part1: Moving after not... Continue Reading →

Close calls on the Coast

21.07.18 later that night we found ourselves with gelato in the bay of silence. We had just watched a street performer make the kids laugh yelling something like “oopla tigre, tiger man”. I then went for a swim in the dark water of the bay with the lights of the restaurants reflected in it. It... Continue Reading →

Purple hair

We went north. A drive we’d done a million times, passing all the significant land marks; the nostrils for tunnels in the side of a hill, jesters pie in Woolworths, cows, cows, more cows, sheep, sheep statues made out of corrugated iron more real sheep HORSE, sheep, petrol station. My family got coffees in their... Continue Reading →

Good weird

06.08.19 Being home It was weird. No matter how I elaborate I keep coming back to that plain fact. I felt so out of sorts, both like I’d never left and like I’d only been there, in this vaguely familiar place, in another life, not my own. These two ends of the spectrum strung me... Continue Reading →

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